Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tari aankh no afini

taarii aa.nkh no afiNii, taaraa bol no ba.ndhaaNii
taaraa ruup nii punam no paagal ekalo

aaj piivu.n darshan nu.n amrut kaal kasumbal kaavo
taal puraave dil ni dhaDakan priit bajaave paavo
taari mastii no matvaalo aashak ekalo
taaraa ruup nii punam no paagal ekalo

aa.nkho ni paDakhej parabadi aa.nkho juve piyaavo
adal badal tan_man ni mosam chaatak no chakaraavo
taaraa rang nagar no rasiyo naagar ekalo
taaraa ruup nii punam no paagal ekalo

dhiimii dhiimii pagalii taarii dhiimii ka.n_ik adaao
kamar kare chhe lachak anokhii ruup taNaa laTakaao
taarii alabelii e chaal no chaahak ekalo
taaraa ruup nii punam no paagal ekalo

tu.n kaamaN_gaarii raadhaa ne hu.n kaano ba.nsii_vaaLo
tu.n champaa varaN nii krishna kaLii hu.n kamaNagaaro kaaLo
taaraa gaal nii laalii no graahak ekalo
taaraa ruup nii punam no paagal ekalo


  1. thodi bhul chey pehla stanza ma. sorry pan maney dekhai etle kidhu, bhul aa pramane che, " aankho ni padkhej parabdi ankho puche piyavo, not 'juve'

  2. Anyways Hardika. This is one of my favorite Gujarati track. Bau j saras lyrics chhe dilip dholakia na.

    Thank you, thank you, thanks you very much for sharing it.

  3. Could you guys please help with a translation of the first paragraph in English?

    Especially the "bol no bandhani" part, how is it romantic to compare a girl's voice to a beautiful cloth? I'm confused.

    1. its translation is somewhat.... "addicted to your voice(way of speaking)"....

    2. Bandhani : 2 ways of pronunciation
      1) Bāndhani : (ban-dhu-ni) :Patterned Cloth
      2) Bandhāni : (bun-dha-ni) : Bonded or Addicted

  4. Alan, the translation of the first stanza is as follows:

    Tari aankhno afini- Afin means opium in gujarati. The poet is comparing the girl's eyes to opium, by saying that he is addicted to her eyes like an opium addict.

    Tara bol no bandhani- Here bandhani is pronounced as "bandhaani" which means to be tied. The poet is basically enraptured by her voice or what she is saying.

    Tara roop ni poonam no pagal eklo- Here the poet is comparing the woman's beauty to a full moon night poonam= full moon night. He says that it feels to him like he is her only lover in the world.

    I hope it helps :) I replied because ur post is quite recent.

  5. Hardika aa mari ek southi vadhare priya gujarati ghazal che....thank you so much for sharing it....

    could you please share some traditional garba(energetic) lyrics...??
    i am looking for some good garba lyrics but i am not able to find it out....
    and one gujarati movie song....jag re malan jag....

  6. Replies
    1. afin etle opium, and afini etle addicted to opium.
      meaning of the whole line is that i m addicted to your opium kind of eye.

  7. i think it is one of the best sexy songs in gujarati, i never tired of listening to it, thank u for sharing it

  8. i would like to listen to song thane kajaliyo banalu by lataji n mukeshji, from veer durgadas movie. does anybody hv it


  10. What is meaning of Kasumbal Kaavo?

  11. I m searching Gujarathi rap song ....any1knows ....famous ...I Hd listen in my journey...like that song was like I m single......vandro....similar types of world where there ...help mi out